Anyone seeking the ideal combination of beautiful beach and dramatic underwater world in the British Virgin Islands should check out Mahoe Bay. This sandy beach on Virgin Gorda has soft sand and brilliant views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. But it also hosts two spectacular live reefs, where you can find many species of underwater life. Home to turtles, parrot fish and hundreds of other species, the reef lies just 15 feet from the water’s edge. It is the ultimate family getaway.

Explore Mahoe Bay by kayak, stroll the entire white sand beach, or bask under the sun in the famous adjoining cove, Savannah Bay, considered by sailors to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire BVI archipelago. Base camp is Villa Aquamare, an estate compound of three private villas, which is all about seclusion, luxury and private access to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and underwater worlds. Contact Villa Aquamare for more info.