fresh Maine lobster roll
Maine lobster roll

When you order lobster in a restaurant, are you really being served lobster? A recent story on Inside Edition found that when consumers ordered lobster at 28 restaurants chosen at random by the news source, they were served langostino, whiting or Pollock 35 percent of the time. Thankfully, that’s not an issue in Maine, home to the finest lobster in the world.  The lobster is authentic and the only debate is a decades-old one about the revered lobster roll. Some proponents say that a lobster roll should be lightly dressed in mayonnaise. Others insist upon drawn butter. Some folks claim that a true Maine lobster roll is incomplete without a sprinkling of diced celery or even a dusting of smoked paprika. And then there are the diehards who insist that the meat of a true lobster roll must be served unadulterated, in chunks, on a hot dog roll. Go to Visit Maine for more about Maine lobster.