Visitors to the Glen House, the new hotel in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, can enjoy one of the most dramatic outdoor experieneces in the Northeastern United States. Driven by 4 tracks rather than wheels, the Mt. Washington SnowCoach transports guests to treeline on Mt. Washington, at approximately 4,200 feet, into a sub-arctic world for a truly unforgettable adventure. Tours are always conducted “weather permitting” and there are typically 7- 9 guests per trip.

SnowCoaches leave Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center and climb about two thirds of the way to the summit of Mt. Washington via the Auto Road, gaining over 3,000 feet in elevation.

Upon arrival at this “Top of the Tour,” passengers are invited to exit the SnowCoach for a few minutes for photos and video opportunities before climbing back aboard for the downward journey back to the base. You can also snowshoe or Nordic ski down if you choose (Free heel Nordic skis only. No alpine, AT or snowboard equipment permitted.).

At times views can be breathtaking overlooking the protected Great Gulf Wilderness and the Presidential Mountain Range. At other times passengers can experience the extreme wind and snow conditions Mount Washington is so well known for, all while the warmth and safety of the SnowCoach are just steps away.

Visit Great Glen Trails to book a ride on the SnowCoach