As Earth Day approaches on April 22, it’s a good time to visit The Glen House, which was built with sustainability in mind. The property, which opened in 2018, is heated and cooled by a geothermal system. The building’s insulation is a combination of spray foam and rigid panels, which provides a very high “R” value. LED lighting is standard both inside and outside the hotel, and exterior lighting is also Dark Sky Compliant.

GlenHouse 1 01 1 scaled
The Glen House. Photo The Glen House.

The hotel’s elevators are highly efficient Otis Gen2 models that regenerate energy when the car is moving down, returning energy to the building to use elsewhere. Public water fountains were designed for filling reusable water bottles, and the hotel recycles all plastic, metal, and paper.

View from Firepit on Deck Glen House Hotel Fall Marketing 1
View from Firepit on the deck. Photo Glen House Hotel.


The outdoor fire pit uses propane, not wood, to help maintain the Class I air quality standard in the Great Gulf Wilderness area, the valley just west of the hotel.


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The Glen House. Photo The Glen House.

The award-winning 68-room hotel at the base of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire is surrounded by the 800,000-acre White Mountain National Forest, which was established in 1918 to protect this verdant wilderness area. It’s why The Glen House approaches Earth Day with a mission of stewardship as well as conservation.