The Sanctuary at Sophy Hyde Park

Having neighbors like the Museum of Science & Industry and the University of Chicago have informed the cocktail recipes at Mesler at SOPHY Hyde Park and its outdoor bar, The Sanctuary. The nights may be getting a bit cooler, but there’s still time to chill in the evening at The Sanctuary with The Greenhouse Effect, which combines tequila and honey-jalapeño syrup. Or perhaps a red Matter, which involves Citrus vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime, sugar, and pomegranate. Murphy’s Law of Long Island is an ambitious concoction of tea-infused vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Combier, sugar, and lemon. Then there’s a 173 Degrees Fahrenheit, made with Hopewell Lil’ Buddy served with a shot of SOPHY® Koval bourbon.



Consider pairing them with Lounge Bites like a Blue Crab Cake, Green Garbanzo Bean Hummus or Chicken Wings. This is what an alfresco Fall in Chicago is all about.