New York Botanical Garden’s landmark Chihuly show—running through October 29—not only showcases the artist’s sculptures throughout the gardens and water features, and his sketches and early works in the library, but also includes a unique interactive mobile guide.

NYBG Chihuly Interactive
The NYBG Chihuly Interactive Guide offers information about the installations as you approach them.

The NYBG CHIHULY Interactive Guide geolocates you at the garden and delivers content to your mobile device, guiding you through the exhibition and garden grounds. Each of the artist’s installations appears as an icon on a virtual map, and as you approach the installations the mobile guide triggers information about the artwork or the process of its creation to appear on your phone. The NYBG CHIHULY Interactive Guide also allows you to share your own images of the sculptures.

Chihuly interactive
Chihuly’s Sapphire Stone at the New York Botanical Gardens in The Bronx (Photo By Ben Hider)