Triple Creek Ranch, a luxury Relais & Châteaux guest ranch nestled in the heart of the beautiful Bitterroot Mountain Range of the Montana Rockies, has unveiled an adventuresome new way to experience the history of the American West with an extraordinary new experience, Saddle to Paddle.
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Saddle to Paddle. Triple Creek Ranch.
Saddle to Paddle distills the best of the West, pairing a guided horseback excursion along the legendary Lewis and Clark Expedition routes, with rafting or kayaking along the spectacularly scenic Salmon River.
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On the trail with Saddle to Paddle. Triple Creek Ranch.
This day-long adventure begins a short drive from Triple Creek Ranch across the state border into North Fork, Idaho. Experienced local guides from Rawhide Outfitters lead this exhilarating horseback journey, a delightful morning spent riding through some of the West’s most scenic and historic landscapes. A deluxe picnic-style lunch follows, with a backdrop of the serene Salmon River. Following lunch, it’s time to transition to paddling and get out on the water with a rafting trip or kayak down the river with seasoned guides from Rawhide River Trips.
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Rafting on the Salmon River. Triple Creek Ranch.
The trip can be enhanced by having a local historian join the horseback riding, the river rafting, or both. Judy Washbon is known for her entertaining storytelling, which can bring the historic Expedition to life. She can regale the guests with tales of Lewis & Clark, highlighting significant events and lesser-known day-to-day adventures from the monumental journey of discovery. Washbon also enlivens the day by describing the myths and mysteries of the only female member of the historic journey, the young Shoshone native Sacajawea.
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Kayaking on the Salmon River. Triple Creek Ranch.
The Saddle to Scenic Raft experience or the Saddle to Kayak experience is limited to six people per trip. It is available Sunday through Friday, from June (dependent upon ice melt) to August 13th. For pricing and other details, visit Triple Creek Ranch.