Triple Creek Ranch unplugged vacation
Horseback riding through the Bitterroot Mountain Range in Montana.

Adventure horseback rides are a hallmark of the Triple Creek Ranch experience. Accompanied by a wrangler, guests get a different perspective of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley on a cross country adventure ride. The settings include the 26,000 acre CB Ranch and wilderness terrain ssurrounding Triple Creek Ranch.

It’s a horseback ride with mountain vistas and very good chance of spotting wildlife, from herds of elk and deer to soaring bald eagles, golden eagles and waterfowl. It’s an opportunity to observe the local bison herd and to be aware that you might get an exceptionally rare glimpse of a wolf or mountain lion. A delicious break mid-ride is a stop on an overlook for a packed lunch prepared by the kitchen.

Because of the mountainous terrain, the horses are guided at a leisurely walk. These cross country horseback rides are available year round, depending on weather and terrain conditions.  Contact Triple Creek Ranch for more details.