This year marks the 30th anniversary of The Olympic Museum (Le Musée Olympique) on the shores of Lake Geneva in Lausanne. This city has been home to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for 100 years. The Olympic Museum was completely renovated in 2013 with state-of-the-art facilities and exhibitions depicting the origin of the games, the competitions, and the athletic spirit, utilizing 150 screens and 1,500 objects. They include Olympic torches, medals, and equipment some famous athletes use.

Musee Olympique JPEG Nesvadba Lydie
Musee Olympique. Photo Nesvadba Lydie

The Olympic Museum is currently exhibiting “Free to Run,” a multimedia experience that explores the world of marathon and long-distance running, from the marathon’s first appearance at the Athens 1896 Olympics to next year’s Paris 2024 Mass Participation Marathon. Visit The Olympic Museum.